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​Genuine reagents and consumables

​​​We supply high quality genuine reagents and consumables from the manufacturers you know. In fact, they are the exact same ones you already use in your laboratory, with the same expiration date and ​LOT number. Therefore, we can guarantee them running smoothly.

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​Trusted business partnerships

​​Thanks to ​many years of experience ​in laboratory ​environment as well as reagents distribution and our business contacts, we have a complex understanding of the matter not only from a business perspective but also from a laboratory’s point of view.

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​Competitive prices ​set by you

​The prices of many of our diagnostic kits are lower thanks to sales by individual parameters (tests). That means, for example, that some tumor makers can be significantly cheaper when compared to your price for the same product (with the same ​LOT number and expiration date).

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​About Us

​The company Cliniclab Diagnostic Kits was established as a distributor of diagnostic kits of the world’s leading manufacturers, which are used in medical laboratories all over the world.

​We are experienced with laboratory work as well as reagents distribution and we have build our ​strong business contacts, thanks to our complex understanding of the matter. ​

​Cliniclab Diagnostic Kits delivers to its clients in medical clinical biochemistry, clinical immunochemistry, hematology and microbiology laboratories​.

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​Product ​Field Insights

Reagents and consumables for the following frequently used analyzers:

Roche elecsys e 411 analyzer

Roche Analyzers

​Elecsys 2010 (e411, e601 + integr​ated systems cobas 4000 a 6000)
Integra 400 (cobas c311, cobas c501 + integr​ated systems cobas 4000 a 6000)

The ADVIA Chemistry XPT System Siemens Analyzer

​Siemens Analyzers

​Coagulometry (BCS, BFT,   CA-1500, CA-500/600, CS-2x00i, CS-5100)
nephelometry (BN II, BN ProSpec)

Abbott c4000-500 Analyzer

​Abbott Analyzers

​Architect i2000/i1000 + ​integrated systems ci16200, ci8200, ci4100)

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