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Reagents supplier of the world's leading manufacturers

  • Original reagents and consumables
  • Trusted business partnerships
  • Unbeatable prices
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Original reagents and consumables

We supply original reagents and consumables that you already use in your laboratory.

 If you decide to buy some reagents from us, you won't need to change anything in the lab - because the only difference is the price.


Trusted business partnerships

Thanks to many years of laboratory experience as well as experience with distribution we understand laboratories comprehensively - not only from the point of view of trade but also from the point of view of the laboratory.

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Unbeatable prices

Our prices are determined by the European market.. Therefore our price of some products may be very different.

Feel free to ask for a quote and see for yourself.

Interested in specific reagent kit?

About Us

Cliniclab Diagnostic Kits was founded as a distributor of diagnostic kits from the world's leading manufacturers, which are used in medical laboratories around the world.

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the laboratory and strong business contacts, we are able to supply reagents and consumables for your analyzers at unbeatable prices.

Cliniclab Diagnostic Kits supplies original reagents to its clients in the medical laboratories of clinical biochemistry, immunochemistry, hematology and microbiology. 

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